3 Locations To Place Surveillance Cameras in Your Home

Are you ready to protect your home? Most security experts recommend surveillance cameras as the best way to keep your home safe. If you have decided security cameras are the way to go, you might be wondering where in your home you should place them.

Outside and at a High Vantage Point

Many burglars try to enter a home through the front door. This in fact is often the easiest way to gain quick access. That’s why placing a surveillance camera above your front door is a necessity. You will want to place the camera on the second floor or under an eave. It should be angled so that it can detect if someone is coming up the walkway as well as if someone is standing by the front door. Cameras mounted in such a fashion are also a good way to catch kids who might want to play pranks or destroy property.

Don’t Forget the Back Door

Back doors are another popular entry point. Some burglars feel safer trying to access a house from the backyard. Having a camera mounted at the rear of the property can also monitor people who are trespassing via a neighbor’s yard. It’s a good idea to mount these cameras so they are easily visible. Sometimes that’s all it takes for a burglar to decide your home just isn’t worth it.

Inside Your House

Where you place a surveillance camera inside your house will depend on your house’s layout. Try to mount it where it can monitor the largest area. This might be a living room overlooking a kitchen or office, or high up in a hallway. Many people install indoor surveillance cameras that are motion sensitive. This means they will only become active when motion triggers them. You can also hide surveillance cameras in your home. This might be an option if you have housekeepers, babysitters or other professionals regularly entering your house.

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