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Proud Member of the Canadian Security Association

Panopticon Solutions is a member of the Canadian Security Association (CANASA), which represents the majority of the Electronic Security Industry in Canada. CANASA is committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence with their member companies.  They also work very hard to build a bridge between the Authorities having Jurisdiction ie.  Police, Fire and all first responders who deal with Alarms etc.


The “Panopticon Solutions” Way

What further distinguishes us from our competitors is the ideology that has formed the groundwork of our services. Inspired from the principles and design of eighteenth century visionary Jeremy Bentham, our company not only derives its name but also its founding ideology. Bentham proposed an architectural construct applicable to any number of public institutions, from which a lone security guard could monitory all the activities of the inmates or patients from a single location or observatory. Aptly named Panopticon (literally meaning “all seeing observer”), his concept was both practical and cost effective in that it only required the services of a single security guard. Like Bentham, we at Panopticon Solutions believe that our surveillance systems must allow our clients to be that “all seeing observer” where their property is concerned and that this should not bear the burden of great financial cost. With the use of twenty-first century technology, we have and will continue to make this a reality for current and prospective clients.

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