We ensure you achieve the highest quality sound possible for your event space.

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Panopticon Solutions focuses on top-notch Toronto audio installation

At Panopticon Solutions, we know how important good sound is. Whether you’re setting up an entertainment system, hosting a live event or wiring an intercom for your office, our experienced technicians will ensure you achieve the highest quality sound possible.

We’re also experts at sound paneling installation and speaker positioning. We can help you configure a setup that produces crystal clear sound to fill any size room. We accommodate a wide range of clients, including restaurants, bars, pubs, corporate offices, multi-residential units and more. So, if you’re looking to wire a network of speakers, we’ll make sure that every room in your space features fantastic sound quality.

While we’re fully equipped to work with any type of sound system, we strive to use the best gear possible. Our list of trusted brands includes:

  • QSC
  • JBL
  • Turbosound
  • Electrovoice

If you play in a band or work as DJ, you know that nothing clears a dance floor like muddy-sounding speakers. Although we may not be able to write hit songs or curate a pumping playlist, Panopticon Solutions can ensure the sound at your next gig is loud and clear.

Panopticon’s services are custom tailored to fit the needs and quality standards of our clients. We guarantee that our audio installations will be music to your ears.

Contact us for a free site inspection and quote. We’ll present you with a unique solution to fit your individualized audio needs.

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