Bullet Cameras vs. Dome Cameras

When it comes to buying security cameras, selection can be difficult. Among the ones that stand out are dome and bullet cameras. These two cameras are somewhat similar in terms of their functionality but each has a different purpose.

One major difference is where each camera is designed to be mounted. Dome cameras are originally intended for ceilings, while bullet cameras, for walls. However, the initial intention of ceiling or wall attachment should not be the ultimate deciding factor in a customer’s decision since mounting brackets can be purchased for either model which can allow for alternate placement.

What should be taken into greater consideration is the camera’s range. A bullet camera is better for long distance coverage due to its big lens, while dome cameras are intended for short range surveillance. This and the fact that most bullet cameras are waterproof is why they are more appropriate for outdoor use.

Dome cameras are the better choice when it comes to discretion because they are hard to spot in that they usually blend in with their surroundings and their wiring is hidden. Additionally, they have a smoke dome which makes it nearly impossible to determine where the camera is directed. However, there is never any ambiguity where a bullet camera is facing. Lastly dome cameras are vandal proof which might make them a better choice in areas with high incidents of crime and theft.

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