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Power over Ethernet: Is it better?

Of course, there are two sides to everything in tech and today; we’ll look at the advantages of having Power over Ethernet instead of several AC adaptors for the same function. What is Power over Ethernet (PoE)? When electric power and data are transmitted using that same device (twisted-pair Ethernet cabling), that is called Power over Ethernet. This means that a single cable provides both data connection and electric power to devices such as WAPs (wireless access points), IP cameras (internet protocol cameras) and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones. How is PoE better? PoE makes it easier to centrally manage the devices mentioned above versus an assortment of individual AC adaptors [...]

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The importance of a good quality security system

Did you know that casinos are the most challenging businesses to rob? People might even consider robbing banks, but it’s considered a suicide mission when it comes to casinos. Why is that? Before we can determine why criminals avoid casinos, we need to consider what a successful robbery is, from the assailant’s point of view. It would be where they get away with the intended loot and are not caught or identified. A really successful one would be where the suspects are not even considered suspects in the case. Anyone who has ever robbed a casino has been identified. In the last three decades, there was maybe one person who actually got [...]

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CAT5 versus CAT6

CAT5 versus CAT6 When we think of recent technology advances, we’re likely to first consider upgrades to computer and video technology. But the cables that connect these devices together is also evolving. CAT5 and CAT6 cables are most notoriously used to connect network components such as computers, servers and modems. They’ve seen significant enhancements in recent years enabling greater performance. Here’s a rundown on how they currently stack up. CAT5 cables CAT5 cables are divided into two categories: CAT5 and CAT5e. However, in recent years, CAT5 cables are becoming obsolete due enhancements in other cabling. This cable can process up to 10/100 Mbps at a bandwidth of 100MHz, a speed that was once [...]

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How to set up a scalable data network

Flexibility is essential in setting up a data network for your restaurant, pub, club, bar or office. As you select the networking hardware that will build your system, it’s important to consider items that will grow with you. Components that work well now, might not be able to keep pace with your budding business. Scalability is essential to making the most of your technology investment. Here are the basics for building the foundation of a scalable data network. Understanding the difference between switches and routers Two of the most essential pieces of equipment are switches and routers. While they look similar, they each have separate functions. Switches connect devices together that are [...]

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Components of a data network explained

Being able to identify the components that make up your business’ data network is a valuable skill. If you own a club, bar, pub, lounge or restaurant, it’s likely that you have a state-of-the-art surveillance, telecommunications and entertainment system. Even if you’re not responsible for the system’s infrastructure, understanding its components can help to diagnose any problems and prevent accidental user errors. Here’s a simple explanation of the elements that make up your business’ data network. But first, what is a data network? Before we can dive into its components, let’s quickly go over what the term “data network” means. Simply put, a network involves two or more devices connected together to share [...]

The Importance of Good Cabling

Panopticon Solutions has been providing top-quality network cable installation and maintenance across the Greater Toronto Area for years, and we know how vital good cabling is to any office, commercial, or industrial establishment. Unfortunately, since cabling is one of the least visible components of a network, it’s often one of the most underappreciated as well. We’ve already told you a bit about the different types of cabling commonly used in home networks, but it’s also important to understand why cabling is so important. Troubleshooting When there’s a problem with your network, the cabling is typically the first thing you should inspect. If your cabling has been improperly installed or has become tangled [...]

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The Different types of network Cables

Panopticon Solutions is one of the most trusted installers of network cabling in Toronto. When it comes to digital networking and surveillance, efficient and structured cabling is the backbone of any reliable system. When you’re using the wrong type of cable or your cabling has been improperly installed, you run the risk of compromising both the speed and the security of your network. So, do you know which type of cabling is right for you? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common types of cable: […]

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Analog vs. Digital Image Resolution

With analog technology a surveillance camera captures an image and renders it in the form of 420 to 600 alternating vertical lines on a monitor. This is also known as lines of resolution. The higher the number, the clearer the picture will be with the technology reaching its maximum potential at 600 lines. NTSC video, also known as standard definition has 525 lines of resolution. Since most security cameras use an analog line source – often a coaxial cable – the range can be variable rather than fixed. Even 420 lines can hold a considerable amount of visual information, though nowhere near as much as HD. Most security cameras still use this [...]

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Use of Audio With Surveillance Cameras

In today’s world because technology is advancing very rapidly, there are many surveillance cameras available to consumers which are not only capable of recording images and video but audio as well. Although CCTV systems with audio recording technology may be more expensive, they provide more accurate information. This advanced security technology is used by intelligence organizations worldwide to gather reliable information for national interests and purposes of national security. Security cameras with audio capabilities are used by such agencies because of their effectiveness which is demonstrated by their ability to clearly record a conversation within a thirty foot radius, provided there is minimal background noise. This mode of surveillance has been employed [...]

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When to Upgrade Your Old Surveillance System

It’s possible you may associate security cameras with grainy, black and white and rather unclear images because of various news broadcasts or crime TV shows you have watched. In reality, however, that technology has accelerated far beyond that design of surveillance system in recent years. If you want to know when to upgrade your old surveillance system, the answer is simple: when it has become embarrassingly out of date and is comfortably outperformed by more modern devices. For example, if a company or organization is still using VHS recorders today, then they should seriously consider an upgrade to the far superior DVR. Digital wireless systems are also preferable to analog as they [...]

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Where To Place Vandal Proof Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a great way for you to protect your property and person. However, many people do not know proper strategic places to set up their security cameras, which happens to be one of, if not the most important elements of installation. Vandal proof surveillance cameras should be placed in areas that are out of reach. This is a necessary step in preventing trespassers and thieves from causing damage to your expensive hardware because, although these cameras may be vandal proof and therefore able to absorb a considerable impact, they are not indestructible. Another consideration when it comes to avoiding damage to vandal proof security cameras is whether or not to [...]

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How Do Infrared Security Cameras Work?

Infrared light is described as light that is invisible to the naked eye. It has a much longer wavelength than that of normal light and a lower frequency which is why it us undetectable without the presence of technology. Such technology can take the form of infrared security cameras which use infrared LED (light-emitting diode) lights located peripheral to the camera lens so that the camera can capture images even in total darkness. However, the camera must detect something in order to produce an image and even in areas of zero visibility there are other distinguishable forms of energy. One such form of energy that all objects in the universe produce unless [...]

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Protect Your Restaurant With HD Security Cameras

As the owner of a restaurant you want to ensure that your employees and customers are safe at all times. However, many entrepreneurs fail to realize that implementing certain security measures improves their ability to create a successful establishment. For instance, if you protect your restaurant with HD security cameras, your customers will have an assurance of safety. The fact that their safety is not a concern will allow them to relax and enjoy their meal. Privacy as a Factor When Installing Security Cameras: Although keeping an eye on your employees and all that transpires in your restaurant is a good idea, a certain percentage of your customers may feel uncomfortable if [...]

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The Importance of Security Cameras for Your Business

A business without security cameras can be an easy target for criminals. The absence of a surveillance system on business property can increase the likelihood that the establishment may at some point fall victim to crime. As a business owner you want to not only prevent breaking and entering, theft and vandalism but also curtail all acts of trespass, especially after operating hours. A high quality surveillance system, custom tailored to your specific needs, can be installed to achieve this end. Today high quality surveillance systems are available at reasonable rates. Many types of security cameras are available in the market place and meticulous research is needed to find cameras that not [...]

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