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Protect Your Restaurant With HD Security Cameras

As the owner of a restaurant you want to ensure that your employees and customers are safe at all times. However, many entrepreneurs fail to realize that implementing certain security measures improves their ability to create a successful establishment. For instance, if you protect your restaurant with HD security cameras, your customers will have an assurance of safety. The fact that their safety is not a concern will allow them to relax and enjoy their meal. Privacy as a Factor When Installing Security Cameras: Although keeping an eye on your employees and all that transpires in your restaurant is a good idea, a certain percentage of your customers may feel uncomfortable if [...]

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The Importance of Security Cameras for Your Business

A business without security cameras can be an easy target for criminals. The absence of a surveillance system on business property can increase the likelihood that the establishment may at some point fall victim to crime. As a business owner you want to not only prevent breaking and entering, theft and vandalism but also curtail all acts of trespass, especially after operating hours. A high quality surveillance system, custom tailored to your specific needs, can be installed to achieve this end. Today high quality surveillance systems are available at reasonable rates. Many types of security cameras are available in the market place and meticulous research is needed to find cameras that not [...]

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Benefits of a Home Surveillance System

Crime is a common occurrence irrespective of where one lives. Therefore it is important to ensure that your home is safe for both you and your family. Having a home surveillance system is the first step in ensuring that your residence is safe. The following are benefits of a home surveillance system. […]

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Do Surveillance Cameras Deter Theft And Robbery?

If you’re wondering whether or not surveillance cameras decrease occurrences of theft and robbery, the answer is a resounding “yes”! Surveillance cameras safeguard thousands of businesses by recording job accidents and incidences. The clear video images that they capture can be tremendously useful at a later point in time and they can provide indisputable evidence that remains admissible in a court of law. Additionally, surveillance cameras are oftentimes used by insurance claims adjusters in their investigations and they are a major deterrent of employee theft as well. According to current statistics approximately 75 percent of all crimes committed are property related and about 48 percent of business loss is due to employee [...]

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How Surveillance Systems Can Increase Workplace Productivity

A common and effective method of increasing productivity in the work place is by installing surveillance cameras and equipment. The surveillance cameras are connected to a surveillance system and the live feed can be monitored and recorded at will. So, how can surveillance increase productivity in the workplace? Here is how it can help employees and employers alike. […]

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Bullet Cameras vs. Dome Cameras

When it comes to buying security cameras, selection can be difficult. Among the ones that stand out are dome and bullet cameras. These two cameras are somewhat similar in terms of their functionality but each has a different purpose. One major difference is where each camera is designed to be mounted. Dome cameras are originally intended for ceilings, while bullet cameras, for walls. However, the initial intention of ceiling or wall attachment should not be the ultimate deciding factor in a customer’s decision since mounting brackets can be purchased for either model which can allow for alternate placement. What should be taken into greater consideration is the camera’s range. A bullet camera [...]

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Prevent Vandalism Using Surveillance Cameras

The importance of security cameras in the prevention of vandalism is invaluable. Research has shown that there is a substantial decline in incidents relating to destruction of private property when a surveillance system is present. This is because it can deter criminals from committing an act of vandalism and/or theft. As a result of the continual advancement in surveillance camera technology the successful prosecution of criminals has increased because of high resolution imaging which provides minute details and makes positive identification much more likely. Criminals who recognize the precision and efficiency of this technology are often deterred from committing any criminal acts in presence of advanced surveillance systems. Security cameras can be [...]

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Deter Shoplifting With CCTV Cameras

Any retailer would want to reduce incidences of shoplifting as much as possible since loss prevention means increased profit and financial stability. There are several options that a retailer may consider such as employing clerks or security guards to monitor a is les. However, this also leads to additional expenses. A simple surveillance system can help your business not only catch potential shoplifters in the act but also deter shoplifting from happening in the first place. The best option is the use of CCTV security cameras which oftentimes deter shoplifters from even making an attempt to steal because they are well aware of the possibility that they are being monitored and recorded. [...]

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Reducing Employee Theft With Surveillance Cameras

As a business owner it’s difficult to keep an eye on your employees at all times. You are busy with various aspects of running your business and constantly observing your staff is not practical. Hiring someone else to watch your employees can be an even bigger headache as you have yet another employee to account for and monitor. A surveillance system will never call in sick and will never require any kind of benefits or salary. With Panopticon Security there is only a one time charge before the client permanently owns a quality surveillance system. While this may not have been cost effective as recent as ten years ago, the prices have [...]

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The Limitations of Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Since their inception, wireless surveillance cameras have gained a lot of popularity especially among entrepreneurs and home owners that are keen on maintaining effective security in and around their premises. One of the main factors that attract clients to this security product is that it is very flexible. That is to say these cameras can be placed in virtually any location as long as the receiver and transmitter are in an unobstructed line. Unfortunately they have a number of limitations that need to be factored in during the decision making process. The main limitation of using wireless surveillance cameras is that any obstructions such as walls or trees can hamper the transmission [...]

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What Is A Surveillance DVR

There have been many technological innovations in surveillance and new ones are being brought to the market very often. Since the emergence of the surveillance DVR, the task of monitoring and recording surveillance footage has become much easier. So what is a surveillance DVR? This refers to a digital video recorder that works in conjunction with surveillance cameras to record their footage and displays it on a monitor as digital images. It is a new surveillance technique that is becoming increasingly popular in homes and commercial premises. A DVR security system is no doubt an essential measure for businesses and homes and this is mainly because of its versatility and practicality in [...]

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Where to Use Hidden Surveillance Cameras

With advancements in technology, hidden surveillance cameras are increasing in popularity as they are becoming smaller and more powerful. Hidden surveillance camera can be wired or wireless. Wired cameras are directly connected to a DVR or VCR whereas wireless cameras transmit their signal to receivers which are connected to a DVR or VCR. A hidden camera can be advantageous in several situations where you don’t want individuals to know that they are under surveillance. Bellow you can find some situations where having hidden cameras can be more beneficial than having visible ones: Hidden surveillance cameras are widely used at entry and exit points of public places such as shopping malls, schools, colleges, offices, [...]

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Elements of A Surveillance System

With advances in wireless and broadband technology, bringing safety to your home is incredibly easy and cost effective. This is the reason DVR systems have become an increasingly popular surveillance camera installation option. While there are many available options for cameras, recording devices and monitoring software, a basic system simply requires security cameras, a DVR or equivalent and monitor. Cameras The first thing you should consider when implementing a home security system is the locations of your cameras. While this is a crucial step in the process, Panopticon Security has alleviated this headache for its potential clients with a free site inspection. This means that a certified Panopticon Security technician will come [...]

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3 Locations To Place Surveillance Cameras in Your Home

Are you ready to protect your home? Most security experts recommend surveillance cameras as the best way to keep your home safe. If you have decided security cameras are the way to go, you might be wondering where in your home you should place them. Outside and at a High Vantage Point Many burglars try to enter a home through the front door. This in fact is often the easiest way to gain quick access. That’s why placing a surveillance camera above your front door is a necessity. You will want to place the camera on the second floor or under an eave. It should be angled so that it can detect if [...]

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