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Types Of Surveillance Cameras: IP, HD, Analog

Choosing the right surveillance cameras will go a long way in ensuring that your premises is properly secured. There are many types of such cameras hence, it is important for you to get a professional opinion before you settle on one. Surveillance cameras normally differ in terms of the technologies used to create them. The quality of video output also plays a great role in differentiating the types of cameras. The most popular types of surveillance cameras include: IP Surveillance Cameras IP surveillance cameras are also known as Network Cameras. They are security cameras that come with the ability of transmitting images via the internet. They normally do this by compressing bandwidth [...]

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The Differences Between Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras

There are a number of differences between outdoor and indoor security cameras. First and foremost as their names suggest there exists significant distinction on where they are supposed to be mounted. The environmental elements outside and those inside a house do vary, thus bringing major differences between how they are made to withstand such conditions. The outdoor camera needs to work under different lighting condition from the indoor security camera, given that between day and night there is an existing variation in light. At night the outdoor camera needs to capture a more detailed video in a less illuminated condition and therefore it has to be more powerful than its counterpart with [...]

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Bullet Cameras vs. Dome Cameras

When it comes to buying security cameras, selection can be difficult. Among the ones that stand out are dome and bullet cameras. These two cameras are somewhat similar in terms of their functionality but each has a different purpose. One major difference is where each camera is designed to be mounted. Dome cameras are originally intended for ceilings, while bullet cameras, for walls. However, the initial intention of ceiling or wall attachment should not be the ultimate deciding factor in a customer’s decision since mounting brackets can be purchased for either model which can allow for alternate placement. What should be taken into greater consideration is the camera’s range. A bullet camera [...]

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Reducing Employee Theft With Surveillance Cameras

As a business owner it’s difficult to keep an eye on your employees at all times. You are busy with various aspects of running your business and constantly observing your staff is not practical. Hiring someone else to watch your employees can be an even bigger headache as you have yet another employee to account for and monitor. A surveillance system will never call in sick and will never require any kind of benefits or salary. With Panopticon Security there is only a one time charge before the client permanently owns a quality surveillance system. While this may not have been cost effective as recent as ten years ago, the prices have [...]

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The Limitations of Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Since their inception, wireless surveillance cameras have gained a lot of popularity especially among entrepreneurs and home owners that are keen on maintaining effective security in and around their premises. One of the main factors that attract clients to this security product is that it is very flexible. That is to say these cameras can be placed in virtually any location as long as the receiver and transmitter are in an unobstructed line. Unfortunately they have a number of limitations that need to be factored in during the decision making process. The main limitation of using wireless surveillance cameras is that any obstructions such as walls or trees can hamper the transmission [...]

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Prevent Vandalism Using Surveillance Cameras

The importance of security cameras in the prevention of vandalism is invaluable. Research has shown that there is a substantial decline in incidents relating to destruction of private property when a surveillance system is present. This is because it can deter criminals from committing an act of vandalism and/or theft. As a result of the continual advancement in surveillance camera technology the successful prosecution of criminals has increased because of high resolution imaging which provides minute details and makes positive identification much more likely. Criminals who recognize the precision and efficiency of this technology are often deterred from committing any criminal acts in presence of advanced surveillance systems. Security cameras can be [...]

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