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Types of IP Cameras

An IP camera, also known as network camera, utilizes the Internet Protocol network connection whereby the camera and the computer is combined as a single unit to aid in the transfer of the captured video through an IP network consisting of network switches and hubs. The data is then recorded inside a PC server that has video management software. This camera can at the same time be regarded as a standalone device that acts as a surveillance unit and which can be monitored as well as controlled through the use of standard protocols such as FTP,HTTP and SMTP, without the use of a computer. Footage can eventually be accessed through the web [...]

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Where to Use Hidden Surveillance Cameras

With advancements in technology, hidden surveillance cameras are increasing in popularity as they are becoming smaller and more powerful. Hidden surveillance camera can be wired or wireless. Wired cameras are directly connected to a DVR or VCR whereas wireless cameras transmit their signal to receivers which are connected to a DVR or VCR. A hidden camera can be advantageous in several situations where you don’t want individuals to know that they are under surveillance. Bellow you can find some situations where having hidden cameras can be more beneficial than having visible ones: Hidden surveillance cameras are widely used at entry and exit points of public places such as shopping malls, schools, colleges, offices, [...]

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Where to Use High Definition Surveillance Cameras

There has be a rise in the use of high definition surveillance cameras and their popularity is still increasing among large businesses and stores that require a great amount of surveillance and loss prevention. These security cameras provide accurate, true to life detail, thereby allowing for positive identification of individuals with relative ease. Any company or homeowner can benefit from the use of high definition cameras but they are the preferred standard among professional security companies because of the above mentioned capabilities. Many large supermarkets use high definition surveillance cameras to be able to monitor vast numbers of customers. High definition cameras are also used in large workplaces and examination halls. Large [...]

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3 Locations To Place Surveillance Cameras in Your Home

Are you ready to protect your home? Most security experts recommend surveillance cameras as the best way to keep your home safe. If you have decided security cameras are the way to go, you might be wondering where in your home you should place them. Outside and at a High Vantage Point Many burglars try to enter a home through the front door. This in fact is often the easiest way to gain quick access. That’s why placing a surveillance camera above your front door is a necessity. You will want to place the camera on the second floor or under an eave. It should be angled so that it can detect if [...]

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Types Of Surveillance Cameras: IP, HD, Analog

Choosing the right surveillance cameras will go a long way in ensuring that your premises is properly secured. There are many types of such cameras hence, it is important for you to get a professional opinion before you settle on one. Surveillance cameras normally differ in terms of the technologies used to create them. The quality of video output also plays a great role in differentiating the types of cameras. The most popular types of surveillance cameras include: IP Surveillance Cameras IP surveillance cameras are also known as Network Cameras. They are security cameras that come with the ability of transmitting images via the internet. They normally do this by compressing bandwidth [...]

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The Differences Between Outdoor and Indoor Security Cameras

There are a number of differences between outdoor and indoor security cameras. First and foremost as their names suggest there exists significant distinction on where they are supposed to be mounted. The environmental elements outside and those inside a house do vary, thus bringing major differences between how they are made to withstand such conditions. The outdoor camera needs to work under different lighting condition from the indoor security camera, given that between day and night there is an existing variation in light. At night the outdoor camera needs to capture a more detailed video in a less illuminated condition and therefore it has to be more powerful than its counterpart with [...]

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