Deter Shoplifting With CCTV Cameras

Any retailer would want to reduce incidences of shoplifting as much as possible since loss prevention means increased profit and financial stability. There are several options that a retailer may consider such as employing clerks or security guards to monitor a is les. However, this also leads to additional expenses. A simple surveillance system can help your business not only catch potential shoplifters in the act but also deter shoplifting from happening in the first place.

The best option is the use of CCTV security cameras which oftentimes deter shoplifters from even making an attempt to steal because they are well aware of the possibility that they are being monitored and recorded. With CCTV cameras the retailer will have full control over a shop’s surveillance as he or she monitors the entire store from a single location. This makes the hiring of additional personnel superfluous and is therefore a cost effective solution.

Because the law protects the rights of individuals, a retailer can be legally liable for accusing a customer of retail theft if that accusation appears to be false. Therefore a proprietor must be certain that the action has taken place. With the proper placement of CCTV cameras that certainty is provided as the retailer will be able to catch the shoplifter in the act. CCTV cameras also provide sufficient evidence to assist in prosecuting the shoplifter since the act is recorded on video. The evidence also ensures that the company can take legal action should they deem it necessary.

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