Elements of A Surveillance System

With advances in wireless and broadband technology, bringing safety to your home is incredibly easy and cost effective. This is the reason DVR systems have become an increasingly popular surveillance camera installation option. While there are many available options for cameras, recording devices and monitoring software, a basic system simply requires security cameras, a DVR or equivalent and monitor.


The first thing you should consider when implementing a home security system is the locations of your cameras. While this is a crucial step in the process, Panopticon Security has alleviated this headache for its potential clients with a free site inspection. This means that a certified Panopticon Security technician will come to your property, make an assessment of your security needs such as where each camera should be placed and how many are needed, answer all your question and provide you with an estimate, all for free and with no obligations.

Because planning ahead is crucial, another thing the client should consider is whether they want a wired or wireless security system. Wired systems possess limitations on expanding the number of security cameras in the future as wired DVRs typically come with four or eight channel inputs. Therefore if you decide at a later date to add more cameras you may possibly have to purchase a different DVR. Wireless cameras on the other hand, have come a long way in the past five years as far as functionality and the clarity of the image they produce. Not only have they become more effective for identification but they are also more cost effective than in the past.


The recording element of the security system is the DVR (digital video recorder). The DVR stores its recordings on its internal hard drive. Currently the industry standard for video compression is H.264 which stores video that is three times longer than its MPEG and MPEG4 compression predecessors. This also enables for better video quality over a live feed and internet streaming.

PC vs. Stand Alone Security DVRs

It should be noted that some may be compelled to build their own DVR out of an old PC. While possible, this isn’t recommended, especially for non-professionals. However, there are internal hardware upgrades you can buy to turn your computer into a security DVR but typically it is not worth the trouble. Given the current cost effective pricing of stand-alone DVRs, the time and effort put into this type of project will be considerable and any financial benefits are far outweighed by the guaranteed quality service and product of a professional solution.

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