Why Are Fake Security Cameras Less Effective

According to Toronto police statistics, in 2011 alone there were 10,896 incidents of breaking and entering reported in the city. This alarming number is reasonable grounds for both Toronto home and business owners to consider the viability of installing a security or surveillance system. However, having one installed can be costly. As a result of current economic conditions, some have opted instead for the cheaper alternative; fake security cameras.

Depending on the quality, fake security cameras can make it appear as if a real surveillance system has been installed. Some of the higher-end cameras even have blinking lights and pan the area to mimic the real ones. Of course, there is nothing being monitored or recorded. It’s only designed to look authentic in order to scare off criminals. Although they are cheaper than the real McCoy, one must still consider if the economic benefits outweigh the benefits of a professionally installed, real surveillance system.

Technology has become so pervasive in our lives that even children understand the basics of how to operate a cellphone. We can safely presume then, that criminals have exposure to technology as well. As such, spotting a fake is probably one of their skill sets. Therefore, while fake cameras may prevent some criminal acts, they are not as effective a deterrent as authentic ones and are not recommended by Panopticon Security. Ultimately, if a criminal is bright enough he or she will realize the deception.

Finally, a fake security system will give the owner a false sense of security. While some criminals are dissuaded by the sight of it, the really talented ones, the ones that consider themselves professionals, may not be. This type of more astute felon would not randomly select a business to rob but instead would scout a potential target to determine if the heist is a lucrative one. Upon establishing that the burglary is worth the risk, this breed of criminal may not be deterred by the presence of cameras, fake or real. In the case of an actual burglary, without the presence of a professionally installed, authentic surveillance system, there will be less or no evidence at all. The video – and audio, if a cameral is installed with this feature – footage recorded may prove to be invaluable. Furthermore there is the option of having a DVR feature configured that provides instant alert notifications when the camera detects motion. Most often a client that has purchased this option will also have had a feature installed which allows for him or her to remotely view a camera when the motion sensor is triggered. With this level of technology the police can be notified of a crime in progress and surprise the perpetrators while they are committing the act. Now that’s something worth investing in!

Deciding whether to own a real security system or purchase fake cameras is up to the owner. Some may not have the budget for an authentic surveillance system and may have to settle for fake cameras instead; a service that Panopticon Security does provided despite its recommendation. Consider carefully the advantages and disadvantages before making a final decision.

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