The Importance of Good Cabling

Panopticon Solutions has been providing top-quality network cable installation and maintenance across the Greater Toronto Area for years, and we know how vital good cabling is to any office, commercial, or industrial establishment. Unfortunately, since cabling is one of the least visible components of a network, it’s often one of the most underappreciated as well. We’ve already told you a bit about the different types of cabling commonly used in home networks, but it’s also important to understand why cabling is so important.


When there’s a problem with your network, the cabling is typically the first thing you should inspect. If your cabling has been improperly installed or has become tangled up into a dreaded “rat’s nest,” you could be adding hours to the troubleshooting process.Using Panopticon Solutions for your cabling installation and maintenance will guarantee that your network cables are accessible and well organized, making troubleshooting as easy as possible.


Even if your current network setup won’t see a boost in speed from using the most up-to-date cabling, installing the best cable available willhelp to “future-proof” your network and save you money in the long run. Network technology is constantly evolving, and so is the cabling that keeps it all connected.Panopticon Solutions can help you choose the cabling that will allow for both optimal performance now, and also in the future when the time comes for an upgrade.


Your network can have the most advanced equipment on the market, but it won’t make any difference if you’re using the wrong type of cable. For example, Cat-5, which was the industry standard in the 1990s, is now more than a hundred times slower than the latest fiber optic cabling, which can be run for miles without sacrificing speed or connectivity. Panopticon Solutions’ expert technicians can assess your network’s capabilities and recommend a cabling system that will provide the highest speed possible within your budget.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, having professionally installed cabling is essential for protecting the safety of yourself and anyone else using your network. Not only can using the wrong cable damage your equipment, but it can also pose a serious risk of electrical problems and even fire. By using Panopticon Solutions to install and maintain your cabling, you’ll have total peace of mind when it comes to your network’s safety.

Good cabling is the backbone of any strong network, and Panopticon Solutions is the best choice for cable installation and maintenance in the Greater Toronto Area.For more information about cable, and for all your home security needs, give us a call at: 647-706-8650

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