The Limitations of Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Since their inception, wireless surveillance cameras have gained a lot of popularity especially among entrepreneurs and home owners that are keen on maintaining effective security in and around their premises. One of the main factors that attract clients to this security product is that it is very flexible. That is to say these cameras can be placed in virtually any location as long as the receiver and transmitter are in an unobstructed line.

Unfortunately they have a number of limitations that need to be factored in during the decision making process. The main limitation of using wireless surveillance cameras is that any obstructions such as walls or trees can hamper the transmission of signals from the transmitter to the receiver. Hence, one has to always ensure that the space between the two components is devoid of any obstructions. Other hindrances can also include other wireless signals which can cause enough interference to completely disrupt signal transmission.

Another disadvantage of using these types of surveillance cameras is that they are subject to manipulation, although it must be mentioned that this is extremely difficult and requires advanced hacking skills. Technically however, a high quality digital video recorder and receiver is able to intercept signals from a wireless camera and once the signal is intercepted it can in actuality be manipulated but this latter part is even more difficult, limiting this type of espionage to agencies funded by nations which have the technical expertise and the funding to do so. This is not something the ordinary consumer usually needs to concern themselves with but extra precaution can be taken by using an encrypted receiver and transmitter instead of the conventional ones. In addition, a tech-savvy expert would be able to block the transmission of a signal from a wireless camera if the frequency is known. This limitation can be solved by changing the frequency more often.

It is also important to note that these security cameras require a constant supply of power for them to function continuously. Since most of them use batteries, the charge has to be frequently monitored to ensure that they remain active at all times.

Lastly, the cost of purchasing a modern wireless surveillance system is almost triple the cost of a hardwired system. It is therefore wise to ensure that the price does not exceed the client’s budget.

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