Where To Place Vandal Proof Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a great way for you to protect your property and person. However, many people do not know proper strategic places to set up their security cameras, which happens to be one of, if not the most important elements of installation.

Vandal proof surveillance cameras should be placed in areas that are out of reach. This is a necessary step in preventing trespassers and thieves from causing damage to your expensive hardware because, although these cameras may be vandal proof and therefore able to absorb a considerable impact, they are not indestructible. Another consideration when it comes to avoiding damage to vandal proof security cameras is whether or not to install them at vantage points where they will not likely be visible to trespassers but can still properly monitory your property. However, prominently positioned security cameras can make excellent deterrents and have been known to make thieves or vandals think twice about committing a criminal offence on your property. Equally important to installation, is the placement of cameras at vantage points where they can monitor large areas. An example of this kind of setup would be to place a security camera on the front of your property and at an angle so it can be used to observer individuals approaching the front door and/or coming up the driveway.

Knowing specifically where to place security cameras is a crucial step in preventing possible crime on your property and should be done by a professional. For home and personal use, security cameras should be present at both the front and back of your residence. Remember, criminals don’t always use the front door! Likewise if you are serious about preventing vandals and felons from accessing your property, try to strategically position a security camera at the side of your home as this can deter criminals from trying to enter the back of your premises.

For large corporate buildings the same principles apply but on a larger scale, including the importance of a surveillance system since the value of assets on such properties can be considerable. For that reason and assuming that a corporate enterprise would be able to afford the expense, a mixture of hidden and visible security cameras should be employed. This way both the benefits of using cameras as a deterrent or relying on the hidden ones – should the deterrent fail – can be exploited.

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