Prevent Vandalism Using Surveillance Cameras

The importance of security cameras in the prevention of vandalism is invaluable. Research has shown that there is a substantial decline in incidents relating to destruction of private property when a surveillance system is present. This is because it can deter criminals from committing an act of vandalism and/or theft. As a result of the continual advancement in surveillance camera technology the successful prosecution of criminals has increased because of high resolution imaging which provides minute details and makes positive identification much more likely. Criminals who recognize the precision and efficiency of this technology are often deterred from committing any criminal acts in presence of advanced surveillance systems.

Security cameras can be controlled and monitored remotely from any location in the world through a mobile device or computer provided that there is access to the internet. It is not necessary, however, for the client to be constantly monitoring his mobile device for vandals and unwanted individuals. With some of the technology that Panopticon offers, email alerts are immediately dispatched when a camera detects movement. Their ability to detect motion and record images is a deterrent because it is easy to raise an alarm once the motion sensor is triggered. The images recorded can be useful in identifying suspicious individuals before they execute their plans.

The installation of vandal proof cameras is essential because before committing a crime, intruders start by disabling, destroying or damaging security apparatus. This ensures that there is uninterrupted and long lasting security coverage.

The display of highly visible signs that warn of security installations, in conjunction with fake cameras may also discourage potential intruders. The operation of cameras that flash red lights is effective since it leaves intruders guessing whether or not real or fake cameras have been installed. However, this is not a strategy that is recommended by Panopticon Security. In the event that a criminal calls the proprietors bluff, a real, high definition surveillance camera makes all the difference in the world.

The correct mounting of cameras and the frequency of their monitoring are also ideal for their effectiveness and should be installed by a professional.

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