Reasons For Selecting An HD Surveillance System

It is common knowledge that having some sort of security system for your home or place of business is important for personal safety and loss prevention. However, when it comes to choosing the most effective security system, an HD Surveillance System will provide the greatest benefit.

As has been mentioned in previous blogs, a Surveillance System can serve as a deterrent to criminal activity. While many security systems have an alarm, there is no way to be sure that some form of burglary will not have transpired by the time the police arrive as their response time can very. Considering that some alarm systems are set to trigger after a full minute – contingent on which entry point is breached and depending on the alarm companies procedure for dispatching authorities – the intruder may have a several minute grace period. With a surveillance system, a potential burglar is likely to see a camera and possibly reconsider, averting the crime altogether.

If the sight of the camera alone does not deter the thief, it will capture footage of him in the act and may assist in his arrest and successful prosecution. The issue with a typical non-HD surveillance system is that oftentimes the video footage is not clear. That is why an HD Surveillance System is so important. With an HD system the footage is much clearer and even if the criminal is masked, it may still be possible to find visual evidence, such as a tattoo or scar that can lead to his apprehension.

With High Definition Surveillance, detail is king. Let’s take an example of an individual entering a workplace. With an analog system it will still be evident that a person is approaching the building but the nuances that an HD system could provide as to his identity or what he is carrying, such as a partially concealed weapon, may not be clear.

We all like to consider ourselves exemplary employees but in reality there are many people who do their jobs incorrectly, show up late or leave early or are not very productive as a whole. With an HD Surveillance System installed throughout the office it is possible to observe for example, the data or image that is on a staff members screen and thereby judge the level of their productivity. The HD Surveillance System is also incredibly effective for identifying people who need reprimanding or who may be stealing office supplies. Although a High Definition Surveillance System is more expensive than a basic security system, the installation of an HD system increases personal safety and allows for greater accuracy in regards to employee evaluations.

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