Reducing Employee Theft With Surveillance Cameras

As a business owner it’s difficult to keep an eye on your employees at all times. You are busy with various aspects of running your business and constantly observing your staff is not practical. Hiring someone else to watch your employees can be an even bigger headache as you have yet another employee to account for and monitor. A surveillance system will never call in sick and will never require any kind of benefits or salary. With Panopticon Security there is only a one time charge before the client permanently owns a quality surveillance system. While this may not have been cost effective as recent as ten years ago, the prices have become much more affordable in the last decade, while at the same time the technology has advanced greatly. Today, it is of great advantage for a business owner to purchase a multi-camera surveillance system and have it professionally installed at cash registers and places that are difficult to observe.

Video recordings from surveillance systems are often admitted as expert evidence in court cases. This means that it’s not just the employer’s word against the employee. With surveillance footage there is no ambiguity involved. The employee will know that if they are caught, it means a criminal record and a possible jail sentence. This makes a surveillance system a fantastic deterrent against employee theft.

By installing a good quality surveillance system you will have the peace of mind knowing that while you can’t watch all your workers at all times, all their activities are being recorded and any suspicions you have can either be corroborated or laid to rest by simply accessing the digital video recorder footage.

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