The Right Camera Surveillance System For Your Business

There are many reasons as to why modern business owners are currently investing to secure their premises. The most obvious reason is for loss prevention but a security system can also be used to improve employee performance, prevent acts of vandalism and as evidence in a court case such as a liability lawsuit. As the owner of an establishment you should know that there are many different types of cameras at your disposal depending on your specific needs.

One of the factors you may want to consider before actually purchasing a specific security camera is if you want it to be visible. Hidden cameras can be a lot more compact – the smallest of which is comparable, albeit larger, than a pinhole – allowing for them to be placed in all kinds of items. Due to their miniature size they are incredibly difficult to detect and can also be very expensive but are still capable of monitoring and recording all kinds of activity.

The alternative to hidden cameras are the standard visible video surveillance cameras, which have a tendency of causing criminals to reconsider their actions because they are aware that they are being recorded. This product will potentially avert theft and other illegal activities and is commonly used in retail, especially when small items are being sold. When installing a surveillance system in a neighbourhood where felony is commonplace, consider using vandal proof security cameras.

The next thing you should consider is if you want wireless or wired surveillance cameras. The advantage of a wireless camera is that it can be installed in places that wired cameras cannot, however, wired cameras are generally more reliable when transmitting signals and usually have a better video/audio output. As a result of employing more receivers and transmitters so that they can operate properly, wireless cameras are the more expensive choice. Alternately, wireless cameras are a lot easier to install compared to their wired counterparts and as a result may incur a lower installation cost depending on complexity of the job. Remember that Panopticon Security provides a free site inspection, consultation and quote – with no obligation on your part – and can inform you of cost vs. benefit concerning your options.

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