Do Surveillance Cameras Deter Theft And Robbery?

If you’re wondering whether or not surveillance cameras decrease occurrences of theft and robbery, the answer is a resounding “yes”! Surveillance cameras safeguard thousands of businesses by recording job accidents and incidences. The clear video images that they capture can be tremendously useful at a later point in time and they can provide indisputable evidence that remains admissible in a court of law. Additionally, surveillance cameras are oftentimes used by insurance claims adjusters in their investigations and they are a major deterrent of employee theft as well.

According to current statistics approximately 75 percent of all crimes committed are property related and about 48 percent of business loss is due to employee theft. Surveillance cameras have proven over time that they greatly reduce these numbers. Countless home invasions could have been prevented simply by the presence of a surveillance system. A surveillance camera can prevent property theft, breaking and entering and can help ensure privacy since most individuals feel uncomfortable in the presence of a camera and will not linger about. Additionally, countless people are using them to safeguard their inventory and to increase their overall security and safety. The peace of mind alone that a security camera provides is worth the investment.

Surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly common. They function not only as a tool for crime prevention but also serve as a consistent and dependable device that law enforcement agencies use to arrest criminals and recover stolen property. If you came home and discovered that your property had been broken into, wouldn’t you like to have the evidence recorded on a hidden DVR so that you could turn that data over to the police?

Many surveillance cameras are motion activated and they function at extremely low ambient light level intensities as well. Such cameras are capable of filming in nearly total darkness, capturing images with remarkable detail and clarity. In an area with insufficient light a trespasser may be completely unaware of the presence of a security camera, which despite the lack of luminosity, is recording him or her perfectly.

Whenever people share a residence individual belongings and personal items sometimes repeatedly turn up lost or missing. If this has ever happened to you, then you should consider purchasing a surveillance camera. Chances are good that you will soon discover the cause of your problem with the related captured video that you generate.

Currently, there are many different types of cameras to choose from that vary in price according to the model. It’s a good idea to perform some research before making your selection.

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