How Surveillance Systems Can Increase Workplace Productivity

A common and effective method of increasing productivity in the work place is by installing surveillance cameras and equipment. The surveillance cameras are connected to a surveillance system and the live feed can be monitored and recorded at will. So, how can surveillance increase productivity in the workplace? Here is how it can help employees and employers alike.


Knowing that they are being observed employees are less likely to engage in unproductive activities such as playing computer games, chatting over the phone and on social networking sites, etc. With the potential of frivolous activities being monitored, employee productivity can be drastically increased. Furthermore, they will be more inclined to impress their employer knowing that their dedication and perseverance is being observed.


Surveillance cameras also ensure that everyone does their work. It is highly demoralizing on the part of an employee who is working hard just to find his colleague having fun especially when nothing is being done to remedy the situation. Needless to say, such discouraging situations can drastically decrease an employee’s effectiveness and ability to produce.

Misconduct and Misbehaviour

With their every move being watched, employees are less likely to indulge in verbal or physical altercations and engage in sexual misconduct. Reduction in pilferage or theft is also another benefit of installing security cameras. This helps in making the workplace a much safer environment. Security cameras also ensure that the workplace has restricted access and that employees can work without having to worry about any outside interference or danger of any sort.

Even though surveillance cameras have been a major source of resentment among employees claiming that their privacy and freedom is being compromised, the advantages that are available both to the company and its employees far outweigh the negative points.

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