The importance of a good quality security system

Did you know that casinos are the most challenging businesses to rob?

People might even consider robbing banks, but it’s considered a suicide mission when it comes to casinos.

Why is that?

Before we can determine why criminals avoid casinos, we need to consider what a successful robbery is, from the assailant’s point of view.

It would be where they get away with the intended loot and are not caught or identified.

A really successful one would be where the suspects are not even considered suspects in the case.

Anyone who has ever robbed a casino has been identified. In the last three decades, there was maybe one person who actually got away with robbing a casino, but there was never an ‘unidentified’ robber— ever.

So why do people think casinos aren’t easy to rob? Security.

Not just manpower, there’s surveillance, high-def security cameras (CCTV), upgraded IP cameras etc. The sheer number of cameras in the building is so overwhelming it’s almost overkill.

And that is what you should be aiming for when it comes to the security of your business.

Regardless of the type of business you have, for example; you own a warehouse or a parking garage, maybe you have commercial properties like offices or distribution centers or perhaps you have a condo building to secure; whatever your industry — you should be considered the “casino” of that industry: “un-robbable” (a made-up word, but you get the point).

Because at the end of the day, if you overkill safety, you won’t be sorry.

Cutting costs on safety isn’t advised for any business. Whether you own a business or work for someone who owns a business or perhaps you provide advice to the company about security — your recommendations to your employer/boss have to incorporate the consequences of slacking on security.

Guards at your store and business can work well, but they will miss what a hawk-eye camera will not. Not to mention, CCTV cameras are very cost-effective.

So in case, you were wondering, ‘should I upgrade my security cameras to HD cameras?’ Here are some advantages of having CCTV surveillance at your business:

  1. Prevention of theft and robbery (obvi).
  2. Real-time video recording.
  3. Peace of mind for you, your customers and your employees.
  4. Reduced security-related costs.
  5. 360 vision – no such thing as isolated areas.
  6. Admissible evidence collection – it’s a reliable source when collecting evidence of crimes etc.

These systems are easy to install (without giving your business a make-over) and easy to work with (no extreme tech knowledge needed).

Then there are IP cameras. The difference between a CCTV camera and an IP camera is that IP cameras do not require a recording device since they are connected to the local network and store everything online (on a cloud, like cupid).

Investing in a good security system will save you from thousands in losses over the life of that security system.

So now the question is, what is the best security system for your business type and size? Ask an expert today at 416.613.8828.

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