Use of Audio With Surveillance Cameras

In today’s world because technology is advancing very rapidly, there are many surveillance cameras available to consumers which are not only capable of recording images and video but audio as well. Although CCTV systems with audio recording technology may be more expensive, they provide more accurate information.

This advanced security technology is used by intelligence organizations worldwide to gather reliable information for national interests and purposes of national security. Security cameras with audio capabilities are used by such agencies because of their effectiveness which is demonstrated by their ability to clearly record a conversation within a thirty foot radius, provided there is minimal background noise. This mode of surveillance has been employed by law enforcement agencies as well, to be able to get accurate and reliable information about suspects and individuals of high interest. A video clip combined with an audio recording can be a very effective exhibit in the process of prosecution during a criminal case.

Surveillance Cameras with Audio capabilities are not just used by James Bond and Mi6 but can also be used by property and business owners alike, who have a vested interest in what transpires on their premises and establishments. Since the proprietor or owner will be able to both see and hear what employees or other individuals on their premises are discussing, it is one of the best tools to monitor a business.

Cameras with audio recording capabilities can also be used by parents who have a baby at home under the care of a nanny. This way the parents will be able to monitor the baby-sitters conduct towards their infant and how the nanny speaks to the child is obvious an important part of such conduct. Similarly the same can be done to monitor support workers who are responsible for the quality care of elderly patients.

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