Where to Use Hidden Surveillance Cameras

With advancements in technology, hidden surveillance cameras are increasing in popularity as they are becoming smaller and more powerful. Hidden surveillance camera can be wired or wireless. Wired cameras are directly connected to a DVR or VCR whereas wireless cameras transmit their signal to receivers which are connected to a DVR or VCR.

A hidden camera can be advantageous in several situations where you don’t want individuals to know that they are under surveillance. Bellow you can find some situations where having hidden cameras can be more beneficial than having visible ones:

  • Hidden surveillance cameras are widely used at entry and exit points of public places such as shopping malls, schools, colleges, offices, hotels and restaurants.
  • Video Recordings obtained through hidden surveillance cameras can be produced as evidence in court cases.
  • Hidden surveillance cameras can be used to monitor cars and vehicles at traffic signals.
  • Hidden surveillance cameras can be used for entertainment purposes such as in television reality shows. These types of shows use this technology to catch participants in unpleasant situations.
  • Journalists use Hidden surveillance camera for investigative purposes.
  • They can be installed in examination halls to prevent academic dishonesty.
  • Hidden cameras are placed in offices to observe employee performance.
  • Police use this method of surveillance to secretly monitor suspects they are investigation.
  • Hidden cameras are installed in airports and train stations to prevent terrorism.

The technology of surveillance cameras has advanced to the point where they can be manufactured small enough to be concealed in common household objects such as smoke detectors, alarm sensors, lipstick and pens, to name a few.

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