What Is A Surveillance DVR

There have been many technological innovations in surveillance and new ones are being brought to the market very often. Since the emergence of the surveillance DVR, the task of monitoring and recording surveillance footage has become much easier. So what is a surveillance DVR? This refers to a digital video recorder that works in conjunction with surveillance cameras to record their footage and displays it on a monitor as digital images. It is a new surveillance technique that is becoming increasingly popular in homes and commercial premises.

A DVR security system is no doubt an essential measure for businesses and homes and this is mainly because of its versatility and practicality in that it can be used with either analog or HD cameras and does not require additional storage devices such as the obsolete and bulky VHS tapes. It must be made clear that although it can work in conjunction with analog cameras and produces a digital image on a monitor, the quality of the image will not be in high definition. The DVR is a remarkable piece of surveillance technology in that it will take an analog signal and convert it to a digital form, but digital does not necessarily mean high definition. A digital video recorder can produce an HD image but only in conjunction with a high definition camera on the other end, which is the optimal arrangement with this type of technology. High definition means better resolution or a higher quality image. In the case that analogy cameras are used with a DVR – which is a very common setup among clients and consumers – although a digital image is presented on the monitor, it will be limited to the resolution quality of the analog camera. If used optimally and that means with the use of HD cameras, the video and images that it records and displays are so detailed and clear that it becomes a potent tool in being able to identify facial features and other minute details. This has made it easier for trespassers, thieves and criminals in general to be apprehended by authorities simply because the process of identification has been made significantly easier. Likewise an HD image recorded by a DVR surveillance system can be used to greater effect in the prosecution of an apprehended felon.

Although it is ideal for a home or business owner to use a DVR surveillance system with HD cameras, this arrangement tends to be more expensive as analog cameras are the more affordable alternative. This is a personal choice according to the budget of a household or enterprise and as always a cost to benefit analysis should be conducted before a final decision is made. An HD/DVR marriage would provide greater security but may not be a feasible economic choice for many honest, hardworking families.

Lastly, great care and consideration should be taken in concealment of a digital video recorder. In the event of a break-in, if the DVR is found and destroyed, so is all the evidence it contains. Locating it offsite is ideal but not always possible. An entrepreneur might chose to have the DVR recording home footage at his establishment, while the DVR recording the footage at his or her place of business can reside at the residence. In the event that one is broken into and the DVR is found, the wrong surveillance footage will have been destroyed.

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