When to Upgrade Your Old Surveillance System

It’s possible you may associate security cameras with grainy, black and white and rather unclear images because of various news broadcasts or crime TV shows you have watched. In reality, however, that technology has accelerated far beyond that design of surveillance system in recent years. If you want to know when to upgrade your old surveillance system, the answer is simple: when it has become embarrassingly out of date and is comfortably outperformed by more modern devices. For example, if a company or organization is still using VHS recorders today, then they should seriously consider an upgrade to the far superior DVR. Digital wireless systems are also preferable to analog as they are far more secure and much more difficult for anyone to tamper or interfere with. Just as home entertainment consumers don’t buy video tapes anymore because there are much better alternatives, so too should those involved in surveillance realize that a DVR is a much more flexible and powerful tool than a VHS recorder.

Another area that should be looked at is making the transition from black and white cameras to color cameras with higher resolution. It goes without saying that the process of apprehending criminals and thieves is an easier task when the camera is of a higher quality.

As an example of how far technology has progressed in terms of improving surveillance systems we need look no further than IP cameras. They have their own built-in network functionality that enables security personnel to operate or access them remotely. This kind of flexibility could dramatically alter how a security company deals with the task of reviewing security footage. Furthermore the IP camera also comes with all the state of the art features that would be expected from such a high-end product including LED night vision, weatherproof protection and PTZ control.

The IP camera is a perfect example of how far surveillance systems have come in recent years and it really is a no-brainer to upgrade your equipment if you want a more powerful, effective, flexible and secure surveillance system.

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