Why Using Dummy Security Cameras As A Deterrent Does Not Work

Fake surveillance cameras are a popular alternative to real surveillance systems due to the significantly lower cost. The problem is that they are not as effective as real ones in deterring crime and vandalism. And in the case that a crime does occur, there is no way to collecting evidence to help in finding those responsible. Spot The Difference

People can easily spot the difference between a real security camera and a dud. It is not that hard. You do yourself a great disservice by relying on the fake security camera to protect you. Walk into any clothing apparel shop. You will easily spot fake clothes. The same thing applies to security cameras. It is not worth it. Do you really want to leave the protection of your property to chance? By trying to rely on fake cameras you do exactly that. Do yourself a favor and get the real cameras to fit in your premises. This is one of the reasons why fake security cameras are not an effective deterrent.

Information is Out There

You may think that you are smarter than everyone else by using fake security cameras. You may even end up grabbing yourself fake security cameras that look like the real deal. However, this is not a wise move. Trust me, there is so much information out there that provides detailed features of how a fake camera looks like. While you may get high quality fake cameras, the truth will also out in such circumstances. In the age of information, people can quickly check whether you  are fronting fake cameras over the internet. Do not be caught masquerading with fake cameras.

Scouting Burglars

Let us assume that a group of criminals is eyeing your property. They want what you have. They want to take from you what you have worked for years on end. Before they actually get into your property, they will definitely do some scouting first. The preparation stage will involve visiting your property to find out what type of security you have. Woe unto you if you are using cameras. This is you should not rely on fake security cameras as a deterrent. Do not take unnecessary risks; only use real security cameras For all your surveillance needs call Panopticon Solutions: 647-706-8650

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